The Penguin Sports Foundation provides sport & rehab opportunities for children with physical disabilities in North Devon and beyond.

We provide a Hydrotherapy programme with 1:1 sessions, Frame Running club and a brand new Hydrotherapy afterschool club.

At The Penguin Sports Foundation, we strive to get you moving in your own way. Like Penguins, we can't fly... however we can function on land and in water! Disabilities can sometimes be limiting, but do not and should not define individuals. Anything and everything is possible with the right support.

Did you know that there are 18 different species of penguins and like us they can vary hugely in their shape and size! Out of the water penguins have an upright stance and tend to waddle, hop, run or belly slide to get around. They can find walking tricky too! In water penguins are awesome, as the water gives them a new freedom of movement.


  • Going into hydrotherapy I was unsure on what the program would entail but Gemma has done a fantastic job of explaining the entire process. I think that the sessions are just the right amount of time for my daughter, to not overwork her or let her become bored. The sessions have always been well balanced with exercises that are disguised as games. It has been a joy watching my daughters face light up when I tell her we are going to see Gemma today. 😊

  • It has been amazing to see my son progress and for him to feel the benefits of being in the pool.

  • Thank you for helping my child get stronger and more confident.

  • My daughter has engaged well throughout the sessions and found a new love for movement. The underwater treadmill has improved her gait pattern and provided a freedom of mobility not possible on land.

  • Thank you so much for this opportunity! We have seen such progress in him compared with intensive blocks of other therapies, this has had equal benefit and delivered locally.

  • Seeing my daughter so relaxed and able to enjoy time without her body jerking. The weightless feeling in water must be such a relief for her, she has really thrived under the one to one sessions.

  • We have found that our daughter gained strength, stamina and confidence in her movements in the water and has adopted and transferred those to her daily life. Her physical improvements in her motor skills have excelled from hydrotherapy. She has loved hydrotherapy, enjoying each lesson having fun whilst also becoming stronger and showing us her new found abilities.

  • I have truly felt it has been enjoyable, beneficial and had marked real progress for my son.

  • We were worried that the sessions would tire our daughter out but I think they had the opposite effect. They seemed to give her an energy boost and helped to build up a resilience and strength.

  • My daughter improved so much with her course of hydrotherapy, being able to achieve things that were otherwise not possible for her like putting her own hair up.

  • Our daughter has improved massively. During her time with hydrotherapy she has been able to roll over, stretch her legs out straight when sitting, try to push herself into crawling position, try to stand and gain muscle mass. All things that we have been trying to do for the past year or so. Hydrotherapy has been the most incredible experience for our daughter’s development.

  • Hydrotherapy has become the highlight of our week and has helped our son in more ways than just physically. He has been able to express what he wants and needs, and has developed a lovely trusting relationship with Gemma.

  • Our sessions with Gemma were fantastic and really helped to provide a therapy that my daughter enjoyed and was not a chore. I think that it is so important for my daughter to be able to build strength and exercise through play. Whilst in the water she is able to support her own body weight and stand for longer periods of time, you can see how happy this makes her from the smile on her face. We would definately recommend to everyone!

  • Water therapy has been incredibly beneficial for my daughter, giving her therapy through what she sees as play and fun. It has improved her confidence in the water and taught her new skills which she has been able to sustain beyond the therapy sessions.

  • Gemma has so much patience and different ideas and ways to achieve maximum stretches and make the sessions fun and engaging. She is always on hand to offer advice and support. She also has a lot of patience!!

  • My daughter has grown in confidence and ability to walk Independently again since starting hydrotherapy.

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